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MicroDucts and Bundled MicroDucts

Telecommunication Ducts for Blown Fibre Optic cables

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Inner Ducts / Sub Ducts for Telecommunication networks

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Underground ducting systems for cable management, Plumbing and Irrigation Systems

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Hexatronic Air Blown Fibres

Air blown fibres are installed in slim microducts. We have partnered with Hexatronic to provide this solution

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Hexatronic High Performance Nano Cables

Extremely robust and slim cables that can be installed in all types of micro­ducts with an inner diameter of 3.5 to 12 mm.

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Hexatronic High Performance Micro Cables

The Hexatronic Viper series of micro cables are characterised by state of the art installation performance when installed by blowing into microducts.

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TBY Box Subscriber Access Chamber

Designed to offer operators a universal modular chamber for housing Subscriber terminations at customer demarcations.

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Hexatronic Fibre Termination Box

This Fibre Termination Box is designed to terminate optical fibres outside premises in FTTx applications. Normally, the box is mounted on the outside wall of single family units or terrace houses.

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Hexatronic Fibre Access Closure – OR-FAC-2000

Network operators are able to swiftly install terminated FTTH network access points. When subscribers take up service a simple pre-terminated cable can be installed.

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Hexatronic Installation Tool for Air Blown Fibre

The Air Blown Fibre Installation Tool is used for the installation of Air Blown Fibres into microducts.

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