Hexatronic Installation Tool for Air Blown Fibre

Stingray Cable Blowing Tool

The Air Blown Fibre Installation Tool is used for the installation of Air Blown Fibres into microducts.

Product Features

• Class leading installation performance in combination with Hexatronic Air Blown Fibre
• Installation speed of up to 150 m/min
• Portable and Lightweight
• Easy to use and virtually calibration free design
• Low noise
• For all Hexatronic Air Blown Fibres 1-12 fibers
• For microduct dimensions 3, 5 and 7 mm.

The blowing tool consists of a body that guides and feeds the fibre unit into the microduct. The tool uses both compressed air and an electric motor to feed the fibre. An adjustable magnetic coupling limits feeding force on fibre to avoid damage in case of a sudden stop. A Li-Ion battery pack, fitted in the tool handle, powers the motor. The motor speed and direction is controlled by a trigger switch on the handle.

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