Hexatronic High Performance Nano Cables

GAHLD 2-8 Fibers, GALD 12 Fibers G657A

High performance Air Blown Nano Cable will minimize initial investment and at the same time provide a future proof network that is easy to expand, upgrade and maintain.

Product Features

• Slim design for installation into microducts down to 3.5mm inner diameter
• Installation by blowing or pushing
• Extra strong and durable, with integrated strength member
• Smooth, low-friction sheath
• Extra wide operational temperature range
• Excellent installation performance
• Temperature range from -45 to +70°C
• Halogen-free

The Hexatronic Air Blown Nano Cable has a unique design that offers a combination of properties previously not available on the market. A sturdy fibre unit with state of the art fibre blowing performance increases the installation success rate and provides quick and problem free installation.

With the integrated strength member, the cable is ideal for both blowing and pushing. The strength member also adds increased stability and robustness to the cable.
The cable is available with single mode bend resistant G657A2 fibers.

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