Hexatronic High Performance Micro Cables

Concentric Core Loose Tube Micro Cable

The Hexatronic Viper series of micro cables are characterized by state of the art installation performance when installed by blowing into microducts. Particularly, installations in access networks with difficult routes, which are facilitated by the enhanced performance of the Viper cables.

Product Features

• Up to 192 fibres
• Super slim design
• Excellent installation performance
• Unique design with robust inner tubes that does not kink
• Temperature range from -45 to +70°C
• Excellent bend performance, ≥30 mm
• Easy to prepare and identify fibers

The Micro Cables are designed with inner protective tubes made of a unique Poyamide compound. The Polyamide gives a special strength to the product, while increasing the bending properties as well as other benefits such as extreme temperature resistance.

As a result, The Viper Micro Cables are more durable during the installation process as they are able to withstand rough handling. The unique cable design with an extended operational temperature range of -45 to +70°C can be used in many environments, on all continents where heat and cold are often a major concern.

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